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Cricket Machine

My review of the Cricket Machine Ė

Without ever even sewing anything in my life, I was a little worried when my daughter mentioned cricket machine but I like it. She had mentioned it a few months before her birthday and about a week after she said something they were having an cricket machine special on tv. I decided to give the trial a shot to make sure it wasnít a big piece of junk before giving it to her. I never expected to use it for myself but what I found was that I had a lot of practical use for this thing. Iím a single mom and had been looking for ways to save money and didnít even realize this could help with that too.

 I made the order towards the end of February and received my cricket machine about 3 weeks later. This gave me plenty of time to use it and then decide whether I wanted to get one for my daughter too. As it turned out, I started using it just about every day. I was taking jeans and putting designed labeling on them and cricket machine was all the sudden saving me a ton of money. People donít always realize how much they spend on a silly little patch. I realized that over the course of 1 month, I had saved over one hundred dollars.

As you can probably tell, I fell in love with this thing. After playing with it for a while, I didnít want to give it up and I wanted my daughter to have one right out of the box. I decided not to return mine and instead just bought her one too. Now Candy and I have a new hobby we can work on together before she hits those dreaded teen years. I am really excited about this product and definitely recommend it.